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PHP Functions Essential Reference

PHP Functions Essential Reference
By Zak Greant, Graeme Merrall, Torben Wilson, Brett Michlitsch

Publisher : New Riders Publishing
Pub Date : September 17, 2001
ISBN : 0-7357-0970-X
Pages : 768
PHP Functions Essential Reference is a detailed and practical function reference for the PHP programming language. Concise and authoritative, this working programmer's guide covers the core function groups plus 300 additional commonly used PHP functions, and details 800 more functions on the book's web site.

Written by working developers and PHP community leaders, this book is full of working code that utilizes the rich variety of functions availablewith PHP. Every function is supported by one or more examples that illustrate the function in action. This definitive guide to PHP is a must-have for any serious PHP programmer.


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