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Perl Testing : A Developer’s Notebook

Perl Testing : A Developer’s Notebook
Is there any sexier topic in software development than software testing? That is, besides game programming, 3D graphics, audio, high-performance clustering, cool websites, et cetera? Okay, so software testing is low on the list. And that’s unfortunate, because good software testing can increase your productivity, improve your designs, raise your quality, ease your maintenance burdens, and help to satisfy your customers, coworkers, and managers.

Perl has a strong history of automated tests. A very early release of Perl 1.0 included a comprehensive test suite, and it’s only improved from there. Learning how Perl’s test tools work and how to put them together to solve all sorts of previously intractable problems can make you a better programmer in general. Besides, it’s easy to use the Perl tools described to handle all sorts of testing problems that you may encounter, even in other languages.

Like all titles in O’Reilly’s Developer’s Notebook series, this “all lab, no lecture” book skips the boring prose and focuses instead on a series of exercises that speak to you instead of at you.

Perl Testing: A Developer’s Notebook will help you dive right in and:
Write basic Perl tests with ease and interpret the results
Apply special techniques and modules to improve your tests
Bundle test suites along with projects
Test databases and their data
Test websites and web projects


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